Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wisdom From A Quinn Mix!

The mix CDs I received fom Quinn during high school and college are some of my most loved possessions.  They introduced me to new worlds of music, and it always seemed like there were hidden lyrics or songs on them that would reveal themselves when I needed to hear them.  I swear sometimes I would hear a song for the first time ever, even after I had listened to the whole CD many times. And, of course, that song would have everything to do with my life at that moment.

Tonight I was taking the metro home after a hilarious day that was full of adventure (riding electric tri-way bikes...think Segways with 3 wheels) and hilarity that made my cheeks burn from smiling (riding a bus full of drunken doctors back to Seoul).  I was exhausted (and a tiiiny bit drunk after the raspberry wine, soju and beer consumed ON the medical party bus) and I fell asleep for a bit with my iPod playing the "You Know It's Such A Drag..." Quinn Mix.  I woke up just in time to hear the following lyrics from a song by The Starting Line called Selective:

Make it a point to appreciate the life you lead. Don't rush the days; you'll wish they'd stayed.

I don't know that I've expressed enough how awesome an experience this has been so far, or how much I appreciate the opporunity I was granted.  I had a fantastic weekend, and in general, I am loving my life in here Seoul.  Sure, I wish it was closer to family and friends, but this has already been such a learning and growing process (and we've only been here a month and a half!).  I can't wait to see what the next 10.5 months of my contract hold.

Promise to update about this week tomorrow at school.  Hope everyone is happy and feeling fulfilled at home.  Shout out to Mrs. Shannon Culler, a dear friend who just became a married lady.  I would have LOVED to be at the wedding, but I will settle for oogling your pictures online.

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