Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It's Snowing!

Snowflake decorations my third graders made adorning the windows of my English room.  I love that you can see them from the playground as well

That is the title of third grade's chapter 8.  Since third graders only have English once a week (for now), I spend a month on each lesson.  For the past three weeks we've been exclaiming about various types of weather and discussing things you wear and thing you do in each season.

Today when fourth period was wrapping up, a third grade boy said "Teacher! It's snowing!"  I have become so desensitized to this phrase that I just nodded until I looked out the window where he was pointing.  Dude...it WAS snowing.  Within an half-hour it was REALLY snowing.  Like blizzard mode.  And within a full hour, it was over.  But it was great while it lasted.  The kids all went outside and lost their MINDS.

Here are some pictures I snapped out the window of their snowy adventures.

"The childen are FREAKING OUT."  - This coworker as she looks out the window.

You thought umbrellas were just for rain?  Silly! In Korea they're for rain, sun, snow, wind, you name it.

Check out the kid in the gray hoodie in the bottom left quarter of the screen.  He's holding a GIANT snowball (filled with mud, I'm sure) that he managed to scrape together from that little bit of snow.  Industrious!


  1. Hi Miss Shanahan this is Skye im jst gonna tell u i took like 3 pics frm here -jst the ones with me in them although im only like a tiny lil dot- and put them up on facebook my profile pics,,, thx :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your photos. I actually graduated from the school you posted. Now, I am living in Dayton, oh. Your photos remind me of my childhood. Thanks again.