Thursday, August 5, 2010

So Angry!

Raaaaaaaaaaaaah!  Tonight, a perfectly lovely visit to the COEX Intercontinental Hotel to take advantage of their amazing food and wine buffet had a cloud cast over it when I found out through talking to other NSETs that when I went to immigration on Tuesday to get my visa extended they neglected to put a necessary sticker in my passport noting the change of expiration IN ADDITION to only giving me a single entry visa instead of a multiple entry visa.  On all the paperwork we were given for renewal, the only cost that presented itself was the 30,000won visa renewal fee.  I guess I figured that since my visa was a multiple entry visa (thanks to the 50,000won fee I paid last year), that the renewal would be a renewal of a MULTIPLE ENTRY VISA.  Of course, that is not the case.  And, of course, I am leaving the country on Saturday.  My brand new, current, single entry visa would be cancelled upon my departure from Korea.  This obviously means that tomorrow after camp I have to skip the celebratory closing lunch being purchased by the school to make the one and a half hour trek out to the immigration office on the other side of town.  And, just to make things even more obnoxious, all of the appointments are (understandably) already reserved for tomorrow, so I just have to go, take a number, and hope for the best.  I am just so frustrated.  I know for a FACT that when I filled out the form I checked "multiple entry" under the visa category.  Therefore, we have two possible reasons why the immigration officer did not question the fact that I was apparently only paying for a single entry visa.  1. He was (somewhat unsurprisingly) racist and just figured I was a dumb foreigner who checked the wrong box so it wasn't worth his time to ask me.  2. He didn't speak English well enough to ask me, nor did he feel like asking one of the English speakers around him to ask in his stead.  Either way...I am pissed.  I haven't even begun to pack, I have camp until 1:30pm tomorrow, then I have to go out and wait around at immigration until they can see me.  Tomorrow evening I am going over to Julia's for a going away party since she leaves before I return to Korea.  I want to spend as much time with her as possible since I am going to miss her sky big, but I have to get back and pack so I am ready to get on the airport bus at 2:30pm Saturday afternoon.  On top of all of this I am having severe money stress: I calculated what I thought I would need until I left and then transferred basically EVERYTHING else home so I could defray some of the cost of my flight and have spending money for my visit.  Turns out I grossly under-calculated my needs, in addition to forgetting to budget for some big expenses like my contribution to Chrissy's wedding gift, buying souvenirs to bring home ($80),  my trip to the allergist ($70), medication ($20), and all this visa crap ($80).  I already had to have my mom transfer money from my Bank of America account (which I don't have a debit card for and therefore cannot access in Korea) to my Wachovia account once, and after finding out I needed more money for visa crap tomorrow I had to call my dad to transfer more today.  SOOOO FRUSTRATED.  Oh and then there is that little thing called the GRE, which just makes me more stressed and gaaaaaaah.  Plus I just haven't been sleeping well this week, which never helps anything.  I am jealous of all my friends that talk about going home and taking long, luxurious naps when they leave camp.  I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, stressed to the maxx!  It is looking like I'll probably be up packing and cleaning most of tomorrow night, so I'll be CRASHING on the plane.

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  1. I like sleeping on airplanes, it makes the time go by faster. And I'm tired too. I haven't napped in while. Which is sad for me because I LOVE naps. Just think about it this way, at least you're not running around like a fish with it's head cut off, cuz then you'd be dead...
    Love you. Hang in there. America wants you to be happy.
    Wave to me when you fly over AK!