Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer Vacation Fun!

The current lesson for sixth grade, How Was Your Vacation?, aims to help the kids improve their use of past tense verbs.  After spending a week talking about various verbs and playing games, I wanted to see how well they could use what we had reviewed.  I gave them a paper that had the first sentence started: "Last summer vacation I..." and I asked that they complete that sentence and write at least two others.  Below are some essays I got in response:

Last summer vacation I went Gapeong for my vacation.  We went to Tayang village Pension.  I swam at the swimming pool, and played at stream.  The water was very cool and I caught minnows.  I ate samgaetang.  It was very delicious. -Seong Taek

Last summer vacation I visited my grandparents in Kang-ju and Kun-san.  I had really great time there.  Secondly, I went to seriously a lot of academys.  I was really busy.  I had tons of home work too.  Third, I watched a lot of movies.  I watched a lot of funny movies.  It was a really good time.  -Wi Yeon

Last summer vacation I went to Urope.  I ride a airplane.  and I went Paris and Roma....I ate that country's food.  But It's not delicious.  but pizza is very delicious. -Ryeong Tae

Last summer vacation I went Phillippine this vacation. So, I learned about Philippine.  I missed my classmates everyday.  I was busy in Philippine.  Because, I had so many schedule.  I was healthy in there I went aquarium, shopping and swimming pool.  There were very fun.  The camp was near the beach.  Beach was very beautiful.  I arrived Korea.  It felt so good!  Because, I saw my family and friend and can watch dramas. -Oh Jeong

Last summer vacation I studied English.  I went to academy.  It's fun.  I saw a movie.  It's 인셉션 (Inception).  It's funny.  But very loud noisy.  I have a headacke.  I have a fun time.  Because I went to pool.  The day is hot.  and I went to 한강 (Hangang, the river in Seoul) pool!  It's funny. But I have sunburn.  I'm sad.  I studyed math.  I hate math.  It's too hard.  And I missed my classmates.  I missed (insert names in Korean)...It's by Best friend!  I saw a drama.  I love it.  It's funny and lovely~.  -Da Hui

Last summer vacation I went to Chaina to visited my cousins.  I enver went to Chaina before, but I went Japan many times.  I missed my cousins very much.  I went beach three times with my cousins.  It was near from cousins's home.  One time I was sice.  I had a fever.  But, I recover soon! We had fun time.  Also I learn Chaines.  I miss them very much now. -Seung Hyeon

Last summer vacation I go to the rand parents I see the (scribbled out) my cousins bad spik to me by by. -Jong Wan

Last summer vacation I visited my grand parents I played with my younger brother.  It was fun, but some boring.  and I played with my tamagotch "Tama-go".  It's very very fun! I loved that but Tama-go is very expensive.  So I'm very sad- because It's my money! -Yeon Kyeong

Last summer vacation I went PC room.  It PC room keeper was very kind.  It Free! I play computer game.  It's name count strike online.  It's gun game kill the zombe.  It's game my best game. -Tyler

Last summer vacation I was very busy.  I went to Math Academy every Monday, Wednesday, Friday PM: 1:00~PM: 11:55.  And Sunday.  I went to other math academy every Tuesday, Thursday PM: 4:00~7:00.  And becasue there was to much math homework vacation was not fun.  but I took rest in Tuesday or Sunday by plaing games. -Billy

Last summer vacation I went to a Jeju.  I played a swimming and went to a Drema Pantion (Drama Pension, a hotel).  I visited my grandparents.  So hug my grandmother. and I saw movie with my family.  I learned math and English and violin.  Last summer vacation very fun. because quited my Academy!  Oh! I went to to water park.  I ate orange ice cream.  ~luck~ -Ye Young

Last summer vacation I went to Turkey with my cousin.  and I visited my cousin.  and I went to swimming pool with my cousin.  -Kyeong Tae

Last summer I visited my grandparent's house. And next, I went to Cambodia and Vetnam.  Finally, I come back home and study.  After few weeks, I watch movie "Last Airbanders" with friend.  -Seong Yoon

Last summer vacation I was busy becasue of my Academy.  But it was until Aug 19th.  So after I went valley in Aug 21th.  After I went to 설악 mountain and waterpia and 석조 (Seokcho) beach.  And than I prepare for the school and do some homeworks.  and I watch TV programs.  The fun one was Undercover boss.  It is the CEP act like his compeny's work and work like worker.  It was very fun vacation.  I'm waiting the winter vacation! -Yoo Hwan

Last summer vacation I slept all days.  I went Bangcok.  I played all days. -Yeon Ho

Last summer vacation I felt so borring.  Becuase I'm not going to beach! I want to go to beach...But we go to waterpark.  That's fun.  And I visited my grandparent's house.  My grandparent's house is a few far from my home.  So I usually go there.  and my cosins come to there so I played my cosins.  We played computergame.  watch TV...outside is very hot so we played was only inside.  Umm....This vacation was So So. -Han Bi

Last summer vacation I went to camp.  I cooked Rice cake and boiled eggs.  It's delicious!  then I played with puppy who has brown fur.  she can run with me and she can sit on the stairs.  In camp I swam in pool.  -Jina

Last summer vacation I went to U.S.A. to visit my aunts and uncle.  I had a b-day party with them.  I had a meal with my cousins who live in Malaysia.  Then, I studied.  It was half-fun. -Moon Young

Last summer vacation I played.  I went to grandparent's house so I go to stream and I become to die.  & I go to pool which water is very dirty because of bugs. Also I went Ocean World with my cousin sister. -Lucy

Last summer vacation I visited moon.  There was space monkey and he was delicious and yummy.  Just kidding~ I saw mvie.  It was funny.  I thought space monkey when I saw movie.  I went Chuncheon. I went swimming pool.  -Young Jae

Last summer I play soccer everyday.  And I kick the goal very many.  I go to Carriben Bay too.  I play with my friend, and swimming.  That's very fun.  But I'm so black.  I want to kill Sun.  I have sun cream every day....oh no. -Sam

Last summer vacation I went to Kyungju.  Kyungju was very hot, compared to Seoul, even though Seoul is apparently hot as well.  Our family stayed there for 3 nights and 4 days, at Daemyung Condo.  On teh first day, we went to Shilla Millennium Park.  The second, third day was spent at Oryu beach, where the water is very cold and extremely transparent, considering that Korea's sea is not very un-polluted.  I was very astonished to see such a clean and transparent beach in our country.  On the last day, I visited many old places of Shill dynasty; such places like Bulkwangsa, Chumseongdae, and the national museum of Kyungju.  I had a very splendid and hot summer. -Krystal

Last summer vacation I went to Shaghi in China.  I wanted to go to Japan, but my little brother insisted.  I had a hard time there.  It was really, really hot, and those weird Chinese didn't sell any kind of cold drinks! Also, the Chinese food didn't suit me well, so I threw up from the food and the car!  Worst of all, these Chinese computer networks were so slow!  The only time I liked was the time on the plane!  In over all, my trip to China did NOT go so well to me. -Ho Kwan

Last summer vacation I traveled to Europe.  I rode planes for 13 hours.  I ate a lots of Europe foods.  and I played without going to academy. -Tom

The question is, did I have a good vacation?  More fundamentally, what is a good vacation anyway?  To answer this question, I will define what "vacation" is.  A vacation is a time of rest, a time of preparation, a time of fun.  So, basically, having a good vacation is having a good time while resting and preparing for the next term.  I have done all these at least parcially, so I had a pretty good vacation!
One of the most important things in a vacation is resting.  I think I did more than enough of this, sleeping until 9:30 and loafing around, though I DID do other more important things too.
The more important part of my vacation was preparing.  I did at least some of this too.  I studied mathematics (seventh grade) in my free time and practiced algebra, etc.  However, there still is one more important thing.
The most important thing in my vacation was...well, having fun! I did this by going to Ocean world, playing video games, and the sort.
-Dong Min

Last summer vacation I played computer game.  Then I watched TV.  I do my home work.  I love to sleep, so I slapt all day.  I visit my friend house to.  I play baseball with my friend. -Kyeong Hui

Last summer vacation I went Singapore to study English.  I went to China town, and I studied at the CIS (Canada International School).  I met many friends and people. -Gyu Won

Last summer vacation I visit my grandparents.  I rode bike from Seawl to Chuncheon (hour and a half BUS ride).  My leg was very painful.  My father leg was very painful to. -Jake

Anyway, this isn't all of them, but a pretty good sampling.  I am quite proud of my kids, they did a good job.  They also traveled like CRAZY!  

Out of about 100..

  • More than 30 went outside Seoul
  • 17 went to water parks in Korea
  • 5 went to China
  • 2 went to Cambodia
  • 2 went to Vietnam
  • 2 went to the Philippines
  • 2 went to Hong Kong
  • 2 went to the US
  • 2 went to France
  • 1 went to Italy
  • 1 went to the UK
  • 1 went to Germany
  • 1 went to "Europe"
  • 1 went to Singapore
  • 1 went to Turkey
  • 1 went to Thailand
That is pretty amazing!


  1. Love it! My favorite was the one that asked: "More fundamentally, what is a good vacation anyway?" LMAO, he will be a future philosopher. You have quite the group of world travelers.

  2. Dong Min's parents must have helped him with that. HAHA!

    Reminds me of my former students. =)