Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top Blogs In Korea!

Hello readers!  I previously mentioned that I was included on a list of the Top Expat Blogs in Korea by GoOverseas.com, which is wonderful!  This site aims to be a resource for people who are looking to study, volunteer, or work abroad, and its chock full of interesting info.  Right now there are fifteen Korean blogs on the list, all informative and interesting in their own way.  In the past the blogs have been ranked in random order, but THIS WEEK, Go Overseas is allowing people to vote for their favorite blogs so that the blogs can be ranked accordingly on their site.

That is where you come in!  Simply follow this link and VOTE for my blog, "My Adventures Teaching English in South Korea" (look, I didn't know that it was going to be used in a competition when I picked the world's most boring blog title...).  It's easy, its quick, it requires almost no effort at all, and yet it comes with the reward of my everlasting love and appreciation.  Pass the word along to your friends!

As an added bonus (in addition to my everlasting love and appreciation, obvi), if you vote for me (okay, okay, even if you DON'T vote for me) you can expect an entry about my Chuseok adventures in Japan, the battle I am engaged in with every single electronic item I own, and my birthday trip out to Andong to soak up some culture at the International Mask Dance Festival.  EXCITING!

Go vote please!

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