Saturday, August 15, 2009

Back from Europe...

Well, I am back from my two week trip to Europe with the Girl Scouts and I had an even better time than I thought I would. Before the trip I really let myself get caught up in the cost (soooo muuuuch moneeeey) and the terrible timing (getting back just 8 days before I have to leave for Seoul) so I wasn't much looking forward to it. As most things in my life, it was a wonderful experience with some really fun and interesting girls.

We flew out of Dulles and across the ocean to London Heathrow. We had a bit of a layover before getting on a short flight to Dublin, and a quick hop over to Shannon. It was an incredibly backwards way to get to western Ireland, but cest la vie. We spent a couple nights in Killarney before driving across Ireland to Dublin. After Dublin we took a ferry over to northern Wales and spent a night there before making our way up to Edinburgh via England's Lake District. We spent only one night outside Edinburgh and a day in the city before we boarded a night train for a trip down to London. (As a side note, this was the most comfortable sleep of the entire trip for me. Awesome mattresses, AMAZING pillows, and a gentle sway as you slept that reminded me of my time on the MV Explorer.) We spent 2 nights in London and then headed out to Bath/Stonehenge for a day. We spent a night in the "Bath Region"...which, surprisingly, was in southern Wales. Bizarre. Then we headed back up to London for two nights before flying out.

It was a lovely trip. Here are some of the highlights:
- Rainy jaunting car ride in Killarney
- Beautiful day on the Ring of Kerry
- Visiting the Rock of Cashel (for the second time) and being amazed by its beauty (for the second time)
- Guinness factory tour and the awesome views from the Gravity Bar that overlooks all of Dublin - Laughing for hours about random things on the bus
- The MOST entertaining people on the streets of Edinburgh, gearing up for the Festival...seriously, I could have people watched for HOURS
- A fun visit to the Girl Scout World Center: Pax Lodge where we learned an entertaining cheer in a foreign language and fell in love with the word GNA!!
- Seeing Stonehenge (which I wasn't able to see last time I was in England, thanks to Hoof and Mouth disease)
- The "Day of Many Modes of Transportation" during which we went down and hung out in both hemispheres at the Prime Meridian in Greenwich
- Seeing Wicked (again) in the West End
- Getting to know a very diverse, interesting, and entertaining group of thirteen girls aged 13-17

You can check out all of my pictures from the trip here ( if you are so inclined.

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