Friday, August 21, 2009

My Friends Rule

Tonight my friends treated me to a wonderful dinner at The Melting Pot in Columbia. Not only do I have awesome friends from this area who attended/organized (Liz, Carl, Greg, Tristan, Anna, Debbie), but I also had some out of town visitors from New Jersey (Amanda), and Delaware (Jo Anna and her roomies: Stephanie, Ming and Joilene). We got a private party room (at least partially because we would have annoyed the heck out of any other paying customers, haha) that had balloons, a congratulations card for me signed by the staff, and fondue chocolates to take home. The meal was delicious...cheese fondue, salads, meats to cook hot pot style, chocolate fondue for desert, and a cake Liz made for me...and sooooo filling.

But even better than the food was the company. I know I have said before on here that I believe I have some of the best friends anyone could ask for, but I just want to reiterate that. When people ask me my strongest quality, I really think that it is the fact that I surround myself with really awesome people. I have intelligent, warm, caring, hilarious friends who mean the world to me. One of the things I am most concerned about in Korea is finding people that I click with. Liz reminded me that I made some great friends in college, which is definitely true, and insisted that I shouldn't worry. Still, I am terrified that I won't have anyone to eat dinner with, or go see some stupid movie with. Everyone keeps reminding me that there are 599 other teachers who are in the exact same situation as I am, and that we will all be looking to make friends quickly. When I went on SAS it was kind of the same situation, but I had Erin with me. I am really expanding my comfort zone by setting off on this adventure alone, and I am just really hopeful that everything turns out okay. I am going to miss my friends so very much. Please keep in touch guys! Don't forget about me because I'm on the other side of the world!

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