Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Going Away Dinner Numero Uno

Tonight I went out to dinner with the Hilltoppers at Catonsville Gourmet as a going away get together. Debbie and I met Kara, Robin, and Charlita there for a delicious dinner (and awesome BYOB wine from across the street). I basically got all caught up on changes that were probably going to be happening this year at Hilltop and what as gone on in everyone's summer. As crazy and obnoxious as it was at points, I recognize how lucky I was to teach at Hilltop Elementary for the last year and a half. While I had my disagreements with how things happened sometimes, overall it was a great experience that definitely taught me a LOT about working with kids- and adults. I had some fantastic team mates in my two SPED pals, Charlita and Debbie; a great speech-language pathologist, Kara; and a hilarious and straight shooting school psychologist, Robin. While there were definitely some ups and downs over the past year especially, I could not have asked for a better support system (or better people to vent to!). I am really going to miss you guys next year!

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