Saturday, September 5, 2009

I Love Internet!

I just discovered a wireless network that I can access in my apartment, making me a very happy girl.  So now you will benefit from my happiness as I upload some pictures to go with that last long and boring post.

My door- complete with keypad entry so I don't have to carry a key.  Genius.

View from the door.  I looks like a 13 year old girl designed my room.

Shoe closet by my door.  I could have packed significantly less shoes had I know I wouldn't be wearing them all day!

Extra space is at a premium here, so some non-shoe items have taken up residence in the shoe closet.

The view out my windows. Not real exciting.

View towards the door from my room. That chifferobe is really my only clothing storage.  It has one hanging bar, and a little shelf at the bottom.  Seriously not enough.

My kitchen/laundry area.  My bottom cabinets have all been commandeered for clothes, while my top cabinets are for food/cooking stuff (that I will never use because eating out is so damn cheap and convenient!).

My desk area and shelves.

Looking in to my bathroom.

Shower "area."  It is just half of the bathroom cut off by a shower curtain.

That handy little knob on the left is how I change the water between coming out of my sink and coming out of my shower head.  Yesterday I forgot to change it back to the sink and when I went to wash my hands I got sprayed all over with water.  Lovely.

The VEEEEERY spicy noodles I had when Angie and I went out to eat the first night.
The stupid ATM where Brigid and I spent so much time.

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  1. i think you should make a super-sarcastic video about your room and post it on youtube.