Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Told You!

I told you I'd update more often!  Mostly I just had some more pictures that I wanted to share today.

I forgot to mention that when we went down to Insadong we took in a small portion of a traditional concert.  We could only handle a small portion as it literally sounded like small animals being tortured and the mics were up too loud so it felt like our ears would bleed.  Video on the way!

While in Insadong we also spotted this gem of an ad.  Sadly, we did not eat at the restaurant it was advertising.

I had to laugh when we walked past this bar last weekend.  Um...could it possibly get any more ostentatious and gaudy?  You know that's how us Americans like things!

Sixth grade girl's summer vaction essay.  So dramatic!  Click on it to make it bigger.  I didn't correct this, the Korean teacher did. (The circles are past tense verbs that we have been working on, not errors.)

Sixth grade boy's essay.  I love the parts about fat Europeans and lots of wine.

I also wanted to show you what my classroom looks like.

Our door sign.

The view from the back of the room.

View from the front of the room.

Third graders in class.

Volunteering answers.

Getting ready to play a game.

Vidoes to come soon!

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  1. "My brothers punch was very great"

    That is awesome. I need to start speaking like a renaissance storyteller.