Sunday, September 6, 2009

Lazy Sunday!

Well after being up until 2:30am last night putting things up online, I slept in nice and late until around 11:30am today.  Then I talked to mom online for a while, tidied up my apartment, and took a shower.  Later I headed over to Angie's and we went out to the store down the street from our house.  I needed some essentials (like a drying rack, bath mat, and peanut butter) and she wanted to pick up a few things as well. 

On the way I realized that I really hadn't taken any pictures of my street or building so I decided to do so.

This is my street just as you turn down it off the main road.

If you see the orange DVD and blue PC signs on the right, that is just outside the entrace to our building.

My building.  I live on the third floor.  The ground floor has restaurants, stores, and a DVD rental place.  The basement of our building is a PC Bang (internet cafe).

This is the open market we walk through to get to our bigger grocery store.  It has everything you can imagine.  I caught this photo at a brief quiet moment.

While at the store, Angie and I decided that we would try to cook for ourselves tonight and we randomly chose two of the numerous kinds of ramen being offered at the store.  Angie bought a six pack of "spaghetti" and I bought (safer) beef ramen.  We came home and unpacked our stuff and Angie came over so we could make dinner.  While it was cooking, we watched the ramen video on EatYourKimchi and were told that the spaghetti ramen was, by far, the worst stuff out there.  Luckily I think we must have gotten a different brand...or just have very different taste buds...because ours was alright.  The beef stuff had NO flavor, probably because I put in way too much water since the directions were in Korean.  But a hit or two of Old Bay made the noodles tasty.  Desert was some grapes and apple slices with peanut butter (which is seriously SO GOOD). 
Angie with our ramens.

It was a good thing that today was pretty relaxing, because I am a little aprehensive about teaching tomorrow.  I am sure things will be fine, it is just normal first-real-day butterflies.  I am going to stay online a bit longer so I can video chat with my mom and then I'm off to sleep.  Tomorrow afternoon I am also going all the way out to Mokdong to the immigration office to apply for my ARC so that I can get phone/internet/cable/etc.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly!

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