Thursday, September 17, 2009

So Tired!

I came home today pretty exhausted after a really long day.  It wasn't long like bad, it was just LONG.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays I leave the house at 7:30am and get home around 7:00pm.  They are long.  Work was fairly quiet today as the fourth graders are pretty chill.  I planned a really relaxed craft activity for my after school classes so that wasn't bad either.  I was in my third (and last) section of after school when a boy says to me "Teacher, you're very tired, yes?" and I was like "I'm a little tired, why?" and he said "Because you eyes, underneath, is all dark."


I have just been sleeping really crappily because of my cold/sinuses/allergies to life.  Whenever I take NyQuil-esque medicine to help breathe in the night my sleep isn't as restful as it normally is.  And I wake up feeling all fuzzy like it hasn't worn off yet.  On Tuesdays I (super embarassingly) fell asleep during a third grade class.  Third grade is the most hands-off for me as Sienna runs most of it by herself with occasional support for me.  She told me to take a seat in the back of the room and all of a sudden I find myself nodding off during the tenth rendition of "Do You Like Apples."  A student was like "Teacher, are you tired?"  Um...what gave me away?  Hahaha.

I came home tonight and cooked up some Old Bay ramen (patent pending) and watched some delightful reality TV from home (ANTM and SYTYCD) and an episode of Bones.  As I told Renee earlier, it sounds shallow and dumb, but the one thing I miss the very most from home right now is watching TV with friends.  I sit here alone in my apartment watching shows on my computer and long for the evenings watching them on the big screen with Debbie and Sammie (and occasionally Christina, haha) and having scathing conversations about everything from plot twists to color choices to casting mistakes.   Somehow it is just not as satisfying to send e-mails and g-chat messages that say things like:
  • "Where is Michael Kors?! And what was with the bitchy stylist with the squnched up face?"
  • "That Jesus girl Amber's voice makes me want to die. Thank God she's gone." 
  • "Really? Really writers? What is the story with the bitchy pregnant girl Heather? And am I REALLY supposed to believe that George delivered that baby?!"
  • "Sookie is so dumb.  Eric is so gorgeous.  I'm glad Jason is back in the spotlight."
  • "You must watch Vampire Diaries! It is like True Blood meets Secret Life with tons of indie music, copious amounts of teen angst, and an overworked fog machine."
I want to talk to real people, live, as I watch things.  Alas, I am generally watching in the weeeeee hours of east coast morning.

Anyways, I am going to pop some meds and hit the sack.  Hopefully I can rest up and regain some of my lost sleep.  Saturday I will hopefully get a chance to sleep in before going to get a Dr. Fish pedicure and hitting the Doosan Bears baseball game with a bunch of people.

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